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Colour & Monochrome Ribbons

Print Ribbons


Full Color Print Ribbons


Entrust offers a full suite of direct-to-card and retransfer color printing options that provide vibrant, life-like images and graphics. We engineer, test, and provide color print ribbons that help our customers produce high quality cards that are rich in color.






















Another option to enhance the protection and color of your card solution is UV security printing. Add fluorescent images or texts in the color of your choice to enable easy verification and additional security.


Monochrome Print Ribbons


Entrust monochrome print ribbons deliver exceptional results for basic text and printing. We offer an array of conventional colors along with metallics that produce crisp text and fine-lined details for even your most complex patterns.


Cleaning Supplies



Optimized performance and peak efficiency


Entrust offers a full suite of cleaning supplies that extend the life of your card printer and improve the performance of your system. Benefits of using cleaning supplies include:

  • Improves performance of card printer

  • Prevents downtime caused by mishandled cards and diminished image quality

  • Reduces damage to printheads


Cleaning supplies options:

  • Cleaning Swabs: Cleans debris and dust from printheads and hard-to-reach internal printer areas.

  • Cleaning Cards: Cleans debris from card track and transport rollers.

  • Sleeves: Adhesive coated sleeves/rollers for continuous card cleaning.

Overlays and Laminates


Protect your card credentials from potential threats and maintain visual and functional integrity with Entrust Datacard’s security and durability solutions. We strive to develop leading edge solutions that deliver the best quality in durability and security for all of your card’s needs.





Our high-quality durability supplies options defend cards against abrasion, moisture, fading, and chemical attacks, which ultimately extend the life of cards and reduce costs for re-issuance.

Durability is an important consideration in maintaining the appearance and life of a card. Depending on the application, intended lifespan, and usage of your card, Entrust Datacard offers a complete line of protective topcoats, overlays, and laminates to meet your needs.

Durability Options


Topcoats - A basic and affordable level of durability:

  • Advantages: provides abrasion and chemical resistance as well as over-the-edge protection; available in clear and holographic

  • Recommended for cards with an expected life of up to 3 years


Entrust DuraShield™ Overlay – An advanced durability solution at an entry-level cost:

  • Advantages: Ultra-durable, cost-effective, full-card over-the-edge protection; available in clear and holographic

  • Recommended for cards with an expected life of 5-7 years


Entrust DuraGard® Laminate – The highest level of durability:

  • Advantages: superior abrasion and chemical resistance, near edge-to-edge protection with additional UV resistance that protect cards from fading

  • Recommended for cards required to last more than 7 years


Industry standard taber testing shows the strength of our range of durability options after 2,000 cycles.





Further protect your card from threats including fraud, forgery, and counterfeiting, with our extensive collection of security solutions. Entrust Datacard offers a variety of trusted generic and custom laminates that utilize overt, covert, and forensic features.

The security of your card program is becoming increasingly important as the range and frequency of security threats increase. Entrust Datacard continuously develops new and improved security offerings trusted by governments and other institutions worldwide.


Secure Laminate Options:


Entrust OptiExpress™ Security Feature Set:

  • Entry-level security with level 1 features used for basic ID applications

  • Typically used for applications such as school IDs, healthcare cards, and corporate IDs


Entrust OptiSelect™ Security Feature Set:

  • Midrange applications that combine level 1 and 2 features

  • Typically used for applications such as driver’s licenses and national health cards


Entrust OptiGram® Security Feature Set:

  • Highest level of security that uses levels 1, 2, and 3 features

  • Tamper evident (TE) version available

  • Typically used for applications such as passports and national IDs


Our Opti-Series security feature sets are all customizable, giving you the ability to uniquely design your perfect level of security.



Tactile Impression Feature


Entrust has a unique, patent-pending tactile impression feature that is available as an option with the SD460™ card printer and CD800™ card printer with inline lamination. The feature creates an impression on the card substrate that you can see and feel. The tactile impression process uses a unique die to create the impression, which differs from the embossing or indenting technology available today. When used with a patch laminate, it helps make the card tamper evident and provides a higher level of security.


Similar to our holographic overlays, a one-of-a-kind tactile design can be created specifically for your card program. Contact an Entrust representative to learn how.

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