Designed for Possibilities


• High-resolution retransfer printing

• Durable, UV-resistant pigment ink

• Enhanced security features


Entrust CR803 Retransfer ID Card Printer

Entrust CR803 Retransfer ID Card Printer

Entrust CR803 Retransfer ID Card Printer

Get a high-end look for every card design

• Pigment ink prints lifelike skin tones so you can more accurately authenticate each cardholder to improve security

• Over-the-edge printing with retransfer technology allows you to print on multiple card types, including technology cards

• On-demand printing means you can print exactly the design you need, eliminating the need for pre-printed card stock


Protect the integrity of your data

• TPM module included in every printer – use Entrust Adaptive Issuance Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) to insert, manage, and remove user specific certificates and keys in a
secure location

• Secure boot prevents system startup at any indication of malware

• Optional inline tactile impression module provides enhanced security to the card Use its versatility to your advantage

• Print corporate badges, school IDs, driver’s licenses, and other high assurance IDs

• Print on the card material that meets your needs and budget – from PVC to PVC composite, polycarbonate (PC) or PET card type

• Add inline modules for more card features as your needs change

Entrust CR803 Retransfer ID Card Printer


• Easy-to-load color ribbon and retransfer film

• Ethernet or USB port for network connectivity

• Inline debower flattens cards after printing

• Selectable color modes available via LCD screen

• Secure boot prevents system startup if threat detected

• TPM module inserts, stores, and removes certificates and keys

Entrust CR803 Retransfer Sample ID Cards